FLSA and Your Organization:
Reliable Business Technology Eases Compliance with FLSA Regulations for Overtime

Error-Free Overtime
Overtime continues to be one of the most error-prone provisions of the FLSA. Inaccuracies, inconsistencies and incorrect assumptions can land any employer in court. Relying on Attendance on Demand's time and labor system to manage employee exemption status, track all worked hours and automate overtime calculations keeps workers’ costly FLSA claims at bay.

Automate Overtime Calculations
Overtime calculations can be complex, giving an employer plenty of opportunities for inadvertent errors. Attendance on Demand's time and labor system with customized pay rules setup ensures accurate records and payroll.

Manage Employee Classifications
The simplest way to ensure employees are correctly classified as exempt or nonexempt is to maintain regularly updated employment records. Capture this information in Attendance on Demand and allow for regular updates so managers can stay on top of classification changes.

Work Hour Tracking
Organizations can choose from many options to ensure employees are tracking their work hours appropriately. Time clocks, Kiosk, Mobile, and Desktop solutions provide flexibility to meet the demands of your workforce.

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