Reliable Business Technology provides a new powerful tool for scheduling and shift management

Our newest version of the Scheduling tool lets you view, create, and change schedules for single employees and for groups of employees by the day, week, month, or customized time period. It also allows you to create schedule patterns and assign them to employees who regularly work the same hours. Schedule patterns are predefined repeating schedules that can be assigned to any employee. When an employee is assigned a schedule, the software uses that schedule to record the employee’s attendance accurately using your company’s pay rules.

Viewing Schedules

You can work with schedules for an individual and for groups. You can view schedules in many ways.

When you want to…

Browse to the…

View an individual employee’s schedule

Employee’s schedule in the Schedules folder

View the schedules for a group of employees

Group schedule in the Group Schedules folder

View a recurring schedule that can be assigned to an employee

Schedule pattern in the Schedule Patterns folder

Viewing a Single Employee’s Schedule

The Schedules folder contains a list of all employees. When you select an employee, the employee’s schedule is displayed.


Viewing Schedules for a Group of Employees

Group Schedules lists employees together to facilitate scheduling. This view helps managers estimate labor coverage. Grouped employees usually work the same schedules or their schedules are created at the same time.

The Schedules and Group Schedules views are identical. However, the Schedules folder lists each employee, one at a time. The Group Schedules folder lists employees by schedule group.

To access group schedules, select the desired group from the Group Schedules folder. Schedules for all employees in that group are displayed.


This view also displays a graph of labor coverage for the schedule group. The currently selected day determines the time shown in the coverage graph.

The coverage graph changes as you schedule employees. Flex schedules, planned absences, and schedules worked outside of the schedule group are not included in the coverage graph.

You can customize the time segments displayed in the graph by specifying time intervals in minutes or hours. Current view settings determine how schedules and the coverage graph are displayed.

Viewing a Predefined Schedule Pattern

A schedule pattern is a collection of daily schedules that repeat. Your company’s schedule patterns are established at installation. Most employees will never have to change or add a schedule pattern.

For example, a schedule pattern can indicate a schedule from 8:15 A.M. to 4:15 P.M., Monday through Friday. Schedule patterns can be used as an alternative to scheduling an employee one day at a time, especially if the employee works regular hours. Schedule patterns can be assigned to any individual or group of employees.



Changing the Way Schedules are Displayed

You can choose the type of information to display in the calendar cells for all schedule views (schedules, group schedules, and schedule patterns).


 Adding Notes to an Employee’s Schedule

You can add a note to an employee’s schedule. For example, you can leave a note to remind yourself that an employee is reporting to another supervisor for the day. If the employee has access to, she can see the note in her schedule.


Importing and Exporting Schedules

File imports and exports bring data into, or extract data. Employee schedules, schedule groups, and schedule patterns can be imported and exported. At installation, schedule imports can efficiently transfer your existing employee schedules and schedule pattern information. Schedule exports facilitate the use of your schedule data in other software applications.


The Scheduler allows you to create schedules for single employees and employee groups by entering schedule times one day at a time or by applying repeating schedule patterns. We provide several tools for quick, accurate scheduling.