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We offer labor management software, time recorders, and custom reporting for every situation. Solutions for Paid Sick Leave, Affordable Care Act, FMLA, etc. Call us for a free consultation. RBT will work with you to prepare a business plan to help track and eliminate overtime, help stop buddy punching, enhance your scheduling workflow, comply with NEW ACA and Paid Sick Leave rules, manage by exception and stop wasting money. Call us today 559.513.8610 or E-mail  info@rbtcompany.com 

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Dynamic, On Demand, Scalable

Dynamic solutions that can grow with your business. Cloud and on-premise solutions that fit any type of organization and size.

Contact us today info@rbtcompany.com or 559.513.8610.


Self Hosted

Don't trust the CLOUD? Do you want to own your data? Do you have your own servers and technical staff? Call today and ask for Self Hosted.

On The Cloud

We offer CLOUD hosting for your always on always available needs with little to no IT staff required for seasonal and year around solutions. Call today and ask for OnDemand.

Great Support

Receive exclusive access to the Reliable Customer Portal. additional assistance, alongside the free and online documentation.