Replacing Absent Workers with Seeker

Seeker for Absence Management helps you deal with absent employees easily and efficiently.

It is every manager’s nightmare to be short-staffed. The implications can be costly—especially when it comes to customer service or risking noncompliance penalties in regulated industries.

Seeking the Right Employee

Supervisors working in Attendance on Demand or its Manager Mobile app initiate a callout to fill an absent employee’s shift. Seeker suggests possible replacement employees using predefined requirements, like job position or hours currently worked in the pay period. Or, supervisors can send the callout to specific employees they select. Then, Seeker sends a message to these employees about the open shift.

Text, Voice, App… Employees Decide

Seeker makes it easy for employees to pick up shifts. Employees can select how they want to receive the callout… through text, a voice message or the Attendance on Demand ESS Mobile app. They can respond in the same way, immediately and without any hassle.

Fast, Accurate, Two-Way Communication

Once the shift is filled, Seeker notifies everyone on the callout list. Management and employees are all on the same page with communication that flows quickly and effortlessly. It’s almost like the absence never

Seeker Saves the Day

Use Seeker when finding replacement workers to cover employee no-shows, call-ins, and even for approved absences. Seeker tracks who the callout goes to and records their response. No more manually calling people and hoping for the best! Make managing employee absenteeism effortless while improving compliance and productivity.

Absence Management Made Easy

Attendance on Demand helps employers reduce the cost and effort involved
in managing your workforce. That includes proactively managing employee
absenteeism with features like:

Leave Request Management

Employees request time off through Attendance on Demand ESS or ESS
Mobile and supervisors evaluate and respond through Attendance on
Demand or Manager Mobile.

 Eliminate manual processes, reduce effort, and improve communication.

Absent and Late Notifications

Employees can use ESS or ESS Mobile to call in, and managers receive
instant notification.

 Streamline communications and ensure managers know about unplanned    
     attendance issues right away.

Seeker for Absence Management

Automate the process of calling and scheduling replacement workers.

√ Save time and reduce the impact absences have on your business.

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