Optimize your hiring process to make recruiting what your company does best

Reliable Pro gives you advanced recruiting tools that will help your company re-shape its entire recruiting process. With Reliable Pro, you'll have access to powerful features that will optimize both how and who your company hires.

Powerful software for transforming your entire hiring process:

  • Accurately assess and easily compare potential hires

Assist hiring managers in aligning recruiting teams around a profile of the ideal candidate

  • Digitize all the paperwork of the offer process

Offer management made easy, digitally create and send offer letters in minutes and accept electronic signatures.

  • Generate critical recruiting reports in seconds

Stay compliant and easily identify where the best candidates are found. Dig deeper to expose bottlenecks in your process.

All-in-one hiring software

Right out of the box, all Reliable Pro plans include:

  • Job Postings & Syndication

Build a bigger pool of quality candidates

  • Applicant Tracking System

Manage, rank, discuss and track your candidaets

  • Interviews & Assessments

Conduct better interviews and get better feedback

  • Offers & eSignatures

Automate and digitize the entire new hire process

  • Reporting & Compliance

Stay efficient, organized, and compliant through reports

  • RBT Crowd

Inform and improve your hiring decisions

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