Automate redundant tasks to streamline and organize your recruiting process

Reliable ATS Plus gives you the best mix of recruiting tools so you can hire faster, more effectively, and save money in the process. With Reliable ATS Plus, you can replace time-consuming processes like email and spreadsheets with a powerful applicant tracking system that your team will actually love using.

The all-in-one tool to track applicants and manage interviews:

  • Post jobs once, publish everywhere

Syndicate to free job boards, paid job boards, and popular social media channels.

  • Discuss candidates with your team

Stay informed with a real-time stream of the latest activities related to the candidate.

  • Coordinate guided interviews

Empower interviewers to ask insightful questions to help inform hiring decisions.

Manage Talent Acquisition.

Make better hires.

Right out of the box, all RBT Plus plans include:

  • Job Postings & Syndication

Build a bigger pool of quality candidates

  • Applicant Tracking System

Manage, rank, discuss and track your candidates

  • Interviews & Assessments

Conduct better interviews and get better feedback

  • Offers

Automate and digitize the entire new hire process

  • Reporting & Compliance

Stay efficient, organized, and compliant through reports

  • RBT Crowd

Inform and improve your hiring decisions


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