The Intelligent Terminal I.T. 3100

Intelligence at the Source of Data Collection

The I.T. 3100 is the latest time recorder in the Intelligent Terminal series. Employees, supervisors, and the entire organization stay connected by collecting labor data right at the source—the time clock. The I. T. 3100 provides ATM style function keys, multiple reader options and can withstand the rigors of industrial environments. Employees punch In and Out and perform other advanced time and attendance actions using a badge, PIN, or their finger template.

Function keys display labor information such as scheduled shifts, worked hours and benefit information. Employees simply press a function key to perform departmental transfers, enter callback punches, and even enter tip information.

Supervisors can add punches and schedules, credit hours or dollars, and pay lunches right at the time clock, addressing everyday issues quickly and efficiently. Punch restrictions can also be used to prevent employees from punching In and Out at unauthorized times. This helps reduce labor costs by controlling unauthorized overtime and enforcing your pay policies. In addition, biometric finger templates identify employees and prevent buddy punching—the costly situation where one employee punches for another.


Advanced Technology for Today’s Labor Management Needs

The I.T. 3100 is an Internet-compatible device that is easy to install. Simply plug into a power outlet and Ethernet port. With minimal configuration, the I.T. 3100 communicates immediately with hosted systems such as Attendance on Demand or locally installed systems like Attendance Enterprise.

Industry-leading “HTTP Push” technology sends transactions to the time and attendance system. There is no need to poll the time clock. The I.T. 3100 continues to collect employee transactions even when the network is down, automatically forwarding transactions to the time and attendance system when the connection is re-established.


I.T. 3100 Specifications

The I.T. 3100 is built using the Linux operating system. It is suitable for industrial and production environments.

  • Instant Operation: A true plug and play device.

  • Flexible Design: Operates with either Attendance Enterprise from InfoTronics or the hosted system Attendance on Demand.

  • Reliable: Attractive, enclosed keyboard and case with no moving parts make it maintenance free.



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